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Moment #11483 – Soul’scape


Moment #11393 – How to Listen

There are as many ways to listen as there are of seeing. Our perception, or rather our interpretation of that perception, doesn’t just define our view of the world. It defines our place in it. It makes us who we areĀ 

Moment #11385 – Knowledge

Seeking the knowledge to give me the power to start the journey to find the way back home

Moment #11381 – Expansion

Looking up, (my) universe begins to expand…

Moment #11582 – Decisions

Moment #11554 – Inner Journey

Moment #11551 – A Fish in Water

Today HiRo gave me a very interesting insight and advice about how to think about music and dancing. Loosely translated, he essentially said that the music is like water and when you dance, you are swimming in the water like a fish. A fish does not have to try to swim. Does not need to warm up or prepare itself. Being in the water is its natural state. As dancers, it is our natural state to be moving in the music. As soon as we hear that music, our ‘gills’ immediately open to take it in and let it move us. It becomes our energy. Our life-force.It flows through us. And we flow through it. Like fish in water.