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Moment #11487 – Satellite by the Sea

And the scene of the (supposed) oldest onsen in Japan. I find that a little dubious though, considering how many times I have seen places claim the same thing.



Moment #11483 – Soul’scape

Moment #11374 – Whitehaven

Panorama of the beautiful Whitehaven beach as seen from Hill Inlet.
Whitsunday Island, Queensland, Australia

Moment #11625 – Into Tomorrow

Moment #11619 – Nimbin Country

Moment #11534 – Winter Wunderland

On my way to the mountain to do some snowboarding I came across this rather picturesque scene by the side of the road. It was a nice peaceful moment to start to start a somewhat painful (but fun!) day of skidding over the icy snow (><)  I hope I can go one more time this year, but I think the snow is already starting to melt… (;_;)

Moment #11505 – Remnants


Scene from the site of an old castle

Once upon a time an old castle, and an old tree, both stood here.  Now there are just the remnants of a time gone by.