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Moment #11488 – Sun Wukong’s Cloud



Moment #11486 – Organix


Moment #11474 – Shapes and Patterns

Moment #11599 – Purpose

What is my purpose? What is my destiny?

Moment #11565 – iD

I met this interesting guy in Ame-Mura the other day with a rather impressive piece of artwork on his head. Despite his somewhat hardcore appearance, he was actually very friendly and  we had a bit of a chat while enjoying our meals at Freshness burger. At first I was a little surprised by this. Back in Australia (and probably a lot of other places too), a person who looks like this is probably not going to start chatting with you at the local burger joint. Is it because, here in Japan, people regard this kind of thing as nothing more than a kind of fashion that only goes skin-deep? The dedication and commitment required makes me skeptical of that explanation. Perhaps it is more a case of the underlying culture and social formality super-ceding any kind of perceived animosity or segregation? Perhaps it is something else entirely.

Moment #11552 – Non-Communication

Communication in art is a bit of a tricky subject. How does one remain true to their own artistic vision, while endeavoring to communicate to a larger audience? There’s no easy answer to that. But there are definitely times when I am left wondering what the artist or performer wanted to convey. I suppose that it becomes more of an issue for performance art or dance. Like the hour long dance show I just watched, which I honestly didn’t understand at all. I personally feel that if you are going to ask people to come and watch you perform, you should try to impart something to them, rather than just gestating within your own little world. There is value in abstraction, and a time and place for the incomprehensible. I just don’t think that time and place is in a dance show or live performance.

Moment #11546 – Unfinished Business

A couple of years ago, I spontaneously decided to start drawing the outlines of all the cities I have traveled to on my timberland boots. I really liked the idea, but quickly decided that I should get better at drawing before I continued to cover my boots with black ink. So far that hasn’t quite happened 😦

One of these days, I’ll get around to it… One of these days…