Moments is a daily photo project similar to some of the 365 day projects which seem to have sprung up over the last couple of years. The premise of these projects is generally to commit to taking and posting a picture online each day for a single year. There seems to be two main variations on the theme: one is devoted to taking self-portraits, while the other consists of simply posting a picture of anything. Self portraits aren’t really my thing, but I did want to try and personalize the imagery as much as possible, so I decided to take a slightly different approach. In this project I attempt to capture a single important moment from my day, or capture an image which reflects myself on the day on which it was taken. There are two main reasons behind starting this project. The first is that it forces me to put more thought into my photography and think about how I can use it to form a narrative, rather than just trying to take “nice shots”. The second reason is a little more complicated and difficult for me to put into words right now, but the essence is that through this project I am trying to focus my awareness and attention on each day, and indeed on each moment. Not to let them slip by unnoticed and unaccounted for. Each entry has a number preceding it. That value represents the number of days I have been on planet earth when the image is taken.


My Gong Fu is a reflective discussion of Training & Philosophy

ProtoCulture is concerned with various aspects of Cross Cultural Contemplation

Kirin (希凛) is me ^^




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