Moment #11389-91 – Healthiness

I’ve made some rather extreme dietary changes recently. I’m not sure what to call it, but basically I’m eating an alkaline based, almost vegan diet now. Essentially, that means lots of vegetables, some beans, some nuts, and some fruit. That’s it really. It’s been a pretty big step since food and eating is something I’ve been really lazy about for a long time (I’d usually just eat whatever was quickest and easiest). It IS challenging because it forces me to make all my own food, and obviously there are pretty big limitations on what I eat. But so far it’s been pretty rewarding too. My taste buds have already adapted, and I don’t really crave many of the foods I’m trying to avoid anymore. I do miss sweets though… 😦
I’ts still too early to say whether this kind of diet is really having a positive impact on my health, but so far I’ve been feeling pretty good. The biggest challenge is getting good produce and ingredients here in Japan since health food shops don’t seem to exist here. I’m slowly building up my repertoir of recipes and am getting pretty creative with substituting what I don’t have access to with other ingredients too. I’ll be interested to see how things are going after a month or so 🙂


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