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Moment #11578 – Mind Graffiti


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Moment #11574 – Castle in the Sky

Infrared (IR) shot of Osaka Castle

Technical Information & Analysis

Camera set-up: Olympus OM-D EM-5 with 20mm F1.7 lumix lens + R72 IR filter attached.
JPEG with custom white balance set.
Shot handheld f1.7 1/13s @ ISO 3200.


  • Basic adjustments to WB, exposure, saturation and clarity in Lightroom 4.
  • Color channel swap in Photoshop (red / blue channels swapped with color mixer adjustment)
  • Some minor touch up of hot spots in Photoshop (using clone/healing brush.
  • Selective color removal from white areas with Viveza and Lightroom.
  • Grading and processing in Color Efex


In general, I’m happy with the mood of the image, but I would like to be able to keep it much crisper. Especially in the sky and clouds. There is too much color spill in the clouds, and I would prefer if I could keep them a more distinctive white. There is also a fair amount of noise in the sky and shadow areas. And I was not able to adjust the hue of the sky very far without the image breaking up.

If anyone has any advice about how to address these issues, please feel free to comment. Thanks for looking 🙂


Moment #11573 – Osaka Jyo

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Pure Style! (^_-)