Moment #11528 – Lost Culture

I’ve always felt a deep fascination and affinity for American Indian people and their culture. The spirituality and connection to the earth of the native American peoples has somehow always just felt ‘right’ to me. Of course, many cultures have been destroyed or lost over the course of history in the name of conquest. But I think the beauty of the aboriginal culture of the Americas makes its loss particularly tragic. Although I think it is unfortunately too late to repair the damage done over the years (and still being done) to this proud and graceful people, I still hold onto a small hope that the prophesy of the Ghost Dance may one day come true and the Native American nations may be somehow restored.

The necklace in the picture is not actually Native American, (I think I got it in Bali), but it reminds me of some of the Native American designs.

When I was a teenager, one of my favorite pieces of music was “The Vanishing Breed” by Robbie Robertson. It really is a beautiful piece of music that blends modern sounds with traditional American Indian music.

I also recently watched a great TV mini-series called “Into the West” about the colonization of America told from the perspective of two families; a Native American family, and a white immigrant family. It seems a little cheesy at first, but got better as it went on. and actually seemed to be a fairly honest look into that part of history. For me, this scene where a young Indian boy reluctantly cuts his hair to adapt to the white man’s ways, really captures the sadness and the inexorable loss of culture that took place.

For something more contemporary, I also recommend the film “Thunderheart” starring Val Kilmer and Graham Greene. An excellent and underrated film in my opinion.


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