Moment #11494 – Ways of Living

As we make our way through life we are constantly faced with choices, diversions, opportunities, distractions, detours, hardships and surprises. Though we often may not be aware of them, every day that we spend climbing, we are surrounded by branches that lead off to different experiences and in some cases, different lives. If we focus only on the path in front of us, we will miss all of these wonderful and interesting possibilities. On the other hand, if we are easily distracted by every fork in the road, then we may become lost and not be able to follow our ultimate path through life.

A Journey Through the Branches of Life

Of course, for many of us, the path ahead is not clearly illuminated, but rather shrouded in darkness. Or at the very least, veiled in mist. So how then do we know we are going the right way? Well, perhaps the answer to that is that there really is no ‘right’ way, anymore than there really is a ‘wrong’ way. The important thing is that we keep on climbing higher and higher, and every so often remember to take a risk and go out on a limb.


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