Moment #11490 – A New Beginning

Capoeira is a martial art, and a dance, which was born in Brazil sometime in the 16th century. It was created by African slaves and disguised as a dance as a means to train for rebellion against their masters without them realizing it. Nowadays it is practiced all over the world by people of all cultures and is characterized by its flowing movement, spinning whirlwind kicks, and acrobatic flips.

I started playing Capoeira in Australia when I was 17 and it was a very important part of my life for several years until I gradually started to drift more and more towards other kinds of dance and eventually stopped altogether.  On my first trip to Japan, I started training with a local group in Osaka called “Lagoa do Abaeté Japão” led by a comical and very unique character named professor Toku. Capoeira was a great way to make new friends, learn Japanese, and become part of a little community in a country where I really didn’t know anyone. I have a lot of great memories hanging out with them, including the “Batizado” (grading) where we all slept over night inside Sumiyoshi Temple!

It’s been more than 8 years since I did any Capoeira… until today when I decided to go and pay the group a visit and do some training. I could still do all the kicks and a lot of the moves, but my fitness is… well basically non-existent (><)! I hope that just means that I’m out of practice, and not that I’m getting too old!  (haha… uhhh… ):


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